2 options of Meat + side of Green Salad or Creamy chicken and mushroom fresh homemade Pasta

  • Lamb Cutlets ‘Milanese’ Served With Mashed Potatoes and Veggies.
  • Lamb Cutlets with Cous Cous and Tzatziki Dressing.
  • Pork Belly Crispy with Rosemary Baby Potatoes (This is a such good recipe from Italian Borgo in Rome).
  • Brisket with Vinagrete Salad and Garlic Rice.
  • Chicken Italian-Style Milanesa Napolitana With Mozzarella Cheese and Pomodoro on Top and a Green Salad Side.


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A recipe has no soul, you as the cooking, must bring soul to the recipe.
Tomas Keller

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  • Nicolás Rafales
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    Amazing food, of high quality preparation, and such a care on all stages of the procedure. She came to cook and when she left the place was better than when she arrived. I wanted to point out that because everybody else would focus on the food alone, which is simply wonderful.

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